YouTube Anniversary:  Year in Review

A year ago, it was a snowy day and I finally convinced my parents to let me start a YouTube Channel.  Ever since I watched Guy and Rachel’s Kids Cookoff, I knew I wanted to pursue a cooking show.  Amber a contestant on the show had a Channel and I thought that was a great idea!  My dad has some reservations about me being on the internet so young but mom and I finally talked him into letting me try.

Jan 25, 2016 after several days of being stuck in the house due to snow, we had some time to tape and edit my first video!  I knew it had to be my go to “Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” recipe.

My YouTube Channel has led to many cool opportunities this past year!  I’ve been able to share many of my favorite recipes and have heard feedback from many that have tried them!  I was invited to do live cooking demonstrations.  One in the gourmet garden at the KY State Fair with the KY Beef Council and at Gypsymoon Marketplace’s Barn Sale.  They were super fun and I realized I liked a live audience!

Miss Laura Rogers invited me to do Midday Live on WBKO-13 several times this year and it is always so much fun!

Just recently, I won a heifer through a video entry contest.  I’m sure my experience with my channel helped me win!

The coolest thing was a TV Show saw my meatloaf video and called my mom and asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the show!  Uh, YES!  I can’t wait to share more about all that at a later date!

My goal was to have 500 subscribers in my 1st year but then I realized how hard it was to grow a channel and lowered it to 200!  Thanks to Laura Rogers, I was able to achieve it!  This year I’m more organized with my topics and social media and hope to double my subscribers on YouTube and increase my Facebook reach.  If you haven’t subscribed, please go to my channel, check it out and if you like the videos, please subscribe.  It’s free and it will help me out a bunch!

Thank you to everyone that has supported me!  Thanks to my brother who is my taste tester and who even makes guest appearances in my videos.  A big thank you to my mom and dad who helps with the technical stuff and who sponsors all my food and demo materials.

As a thank you to all my supporters I have two giveaways!  Make sure to checkout my Facebook and YouTube Giveaways that will be posted Jan 25.  Make sure to enter before Jan 31st!

It’s been a great year and I look forward to 2017!

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