National Glazed Doughnut Day

I love a glazed doughnut.  Well actually there are many doughnuts that I like, but today if the day of the glazed doughnut.  This year at the State Fair, I enjoyed my first Doughnut Burger and man was it GOOD.  I knew I needed to make these.

I visited the local Krispy Kreme and they were out of the regular glazed doughnut because of a free promotion that day, I would have to wait 20 minutes for the next batch to come out.  Sad face.  But when I told the guy what I was going to do with them, he had a suggestion!  He said that he could give me a dozen of the unfilled shells (like a jelly filled but no jelly)!  Yes!  Insert happy face!

Actually these shells worked better because it was more like a true hamburger bun!  The combo of sweet and salty makes this burger a true treat!

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