Spring Break in Jenna’s Kitchen

I’m so glad we get two weeks for spring break because there was so much to do!  I had the honor of having lunch with Tony Rose for an interview about Jenna’s Kitchen.  Tony is a local radio personality on D93 and he is so much fun!  He is also a fellow Auburn Tiger! #auburnroars  If you missed it you can catch it on my Facebook Page or here at Lunch with Tony Rose.

Next Auburn Archery competed at the State Archery Tournament in Louisville!  I had a good score going but completely bombed my first round at 15 meters.  I finished with a decent score of 270.  One of my 7th-grade classmates won the middle school championship.  Congratulations, Isaac Stanley!  Our team shot well enough to make it to the National Tournament in May!

Happy Easter!  Rejoice that,”He is Risen!”  Enjoyed a great worship service, ate and rested.  My mom and I have been watching this series from the Hallmark Channel, “When Calls the Heart.”  It’s a great show!

We had a family fun day of bowling and Jump Air Zone!  I enjoyed the Southern Birdie Pizza at Azzip Pizza.  It had a pimento cheese base, cheese, fried chicken, sweet drop peppers and a sweet tea glaze.  Yum!  Then we went to the new cookie dough store in town and tried it.  It was sweet but wish my toppings were mixed into the cookie dough instead of just put on top of plain cookie dough.

Y’all I love watching cookie decorating videos and one decorator that is close to home is Brave Olive Cookies. Ladonna was nice enough to give me a private lesson and show me how to airbrush cookies with royal icing.  So much fun!  Now I still need lots of practice, so teachers, coaches, friends, and family….get ready for cookie explosions soon!  The icing on the cake, was we were able to do the class at Betsy Ann’s House and I got a few new Agnes & Dora outfits!

Then today I went on Midday Live on WBKO with Laura Rogers.  But y’all,  I had to improvise!  To get everything set up for the show, we arrive about an hour early.  I set my dough out and I guess it dried out and it did not want to cooperate at all!!  I said it was easy but it didn’t look easy today, but I promise it is!  You can go back and watch the YouTube Video I did on the soft pretzels as proof!  But if you need some comic relief, you can watch me sweat here.  I ran out of time to talk about my dipping sauce recipes so I thought I would post them here!  Hope you enjoy!

Nacho Cheese Dipping Sauce

2 Tbsp flour
2 Tbsp butter
1/4 c milk
1/2 c cheddar cheese
4 dashes hot sauce

Melt butter in a medium saucepan

Add flour to make a roux

Add milk and constantly stir making sure it is on medium heat

Add cheese and hot sauce and stir until melted

Cream Cheese Dipping Sauce

2 oz softened cream cheese
1 Tbsp butter melted
1/2 c powdered sugar
2 Tbsp milk

Cream all ingredients together!

Serve and Enjoy!

Unstuffed Pepper Soup

Every summer we have an abundance of bell peppers. Last year trying to find new recipes to use all of our fresh peppers I ran across an unstuffed pepper soup recipe. It seemed much simpler to prepare than stuffed peppers but still had all the flavors I love in the dish!

We froze a bunch of pepper slices last summer so that is what I used to make this soup! Below is the recipe:

Enjoy! Let me know if you like it!!

Christmas Morning Recipes

Christmas morning is filled with opening presents, figuring out our new gifts, watching Christmas shows and spending time with family!  So sometimes breakfast is put on the back burner! So this year we are going to take out the fuss and go to make ahead breakfast items that each family member can grab and go!  My dad and brother want to eat as soon as they get up but my mom and I like to eat a little later.  This way everyone can get their breakfast whenever they like!

I recently did this Midday Live segment with Laura Rogers on WBKO 13 Television about the recipes I’m going to highlight:  Muffin Tin Omellettes, Festive Monkey Bread, and Warm Apple Pie Drink.

I assumed everyone knew how to make Monkey Bread so I did not show how to in the segment.  Yet afterward, I found that many had never made it before so here is how I did it!

  • 1 (8 ounce) tube biscuits
  • 1/3 cup sugar 
  • 3/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup butter 
  • 1/6 cup brown sugar
  • 1 can green color mist(optional)
  • 1 can red frosting(optional)

Grease a bundt pan and Preheat oven to 350 degrees.                                                                   

Cut each biscuit into fourths.                                                                                                                Combine sugar and cinnamon and dip each biscuit into cover it.                                                    Then place into greased bundt pan.                                                                                                            Once all biscuits are covered, place remaining cinnamon sugar in a medium saucepan with butter and brown sugar. Bring to a boil and pour over biscuits. Bake for 10-12 minutes.                          Once out of the oven let cool for 5-10 minutes.

OPTIONAL Get green color mist and spray until fully green. Pipe a ribbon with the red frosting on it to look like a wreath. Enjoy!

Note: If you do spray the color mist be in a well-ventilated area. If you don’t it will get very misty! If you don’t have such area, spray in small spurts.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and if you try one of these recipes Christmas morning, let me know!

Chopped Jr.: Home Version Mystery Baskets 6

Dessert Basket:  Cresent Dough Sheet, Dark Cherries, Marshmallows, Reese’s Pieces


I love making desserts!  So I think I can make a sauce with my Reese’s pieces and marshmallows to make a thick creamy sauce to go on my dough! So while my sauce is cooking I start to prep my dough by  spreading melted butter on it and sprinkling some cinnamon sugar on it. Once that is done I spread some of the sauce on my dough then put three cherries on each one. Then I wrap them up and throw them in the oven! Then I start on the whipped cream! I put in heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla, and caramel topping! Once my pastries come out of the oven I start plating! I put one pastry on each dish and a dollop of whipped cream and drizzle some caramel on it and viola! I have made a cherry tart with a caramel topping whipped cream! I’m done with 3 minutes to go! Lets eat!

img_2322 Be sure to tune in to Food Network 8/29 at 7 p.m. to catch my episode!

Chopped Jr.: Home Version Mystery Basket 5

Entree Basket:  Lamb Chops, Butternut Squash, Graham Crackers and Milk


I haven’t had much experience cooking lamb, but had fun cooking these lamb chops! My plan is to bread the lamb chops in milk, eggs, and graham cracker crumbs.Then, I get them cooking! Now I have to start on my butternut squash. What can I do with it? I think about making a sweet mashed squash. So I get the water boiling and then let them boil for 20 mins.Thank goodness they are cut into small chunks. I only have 30 mins. you know!Now lets check on the chops. They are perfect, exactly 145 degrees! So now I decide I need to mash my squash with butter and  brown sugar.Next lets make something else to fill the rest of the space on the plate. A salad! So I use some of the stuff from the fridge in my salad. It turns out to be spinach, blackberries, carrots, and tomatoes. I toss everything together and quickly whip up a vinaigrette with olive oil, raspberry vinegar, honey, salt, and pepper. 1 minute left!! I need to get everything on the plate! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 almost 3,2,1 done,0!! Time to dig in!

img_2287 Be sure to tune in to Food Network 8/29 at 7 p.m. to catch my episode!

Chopped Jr.: Home Version Mystery Basket 3

Dessert Basket:  Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, Canned Biscuits, Medjool Dates, and a red Tamarillo!


I had never used red tamarillo before… so yea. Let's just taste it. Problem solved!

Nope, definitely not problem solved!! That thing is so sour! So I cut them up and add some sugar and it helps a little but it still needs something. So all I need is to make a dessert sweet enough to make the red tamarillo taste good! My idea is to make a cobbler type thing with the biscuit dough and add in the tamarillo! So I get the biscuit dough rolled out and in to the ramekins for the crust and brush on some melted butter on the bottom and sides to give it some buttery flavor. Now I have to fill it, top it with the rest of the dough sprinkled with sugar.  Boom…in the oven!

With the dates I think that I can make a sauce like thing to go on top with milk, sugar, and dates! So I blend all that up and I realize that I have 5 minutes left! My cobblers are done so I take them out and top them with my sauce right as I hear 10,9,8,7,6,4,3,2,1,0! Then I now realize that I didn't use Cinnamon Toast Crunch!😱😰   I must get better at getting all the ingredients on the plate before I head to New York!

Well, lets see how it tastes!  It's pretty good, I could have incorporated the cereal in my crust to add a nice crunch!


Be sure to tune in 8/29 at 7 p.m. on Food Network to watch my Chopped Jr. episode!

Chopped Jr Home Version: Mystery Basket 1

To say that I love the Food Network, would be an understatement!  One of my favorite shows is Chopped Jr.  Last year I got the opportunity to audition for the show and I got started practicing mystery baskets in preparation, just in case I got the call.  I’m going to share some of my mystery baskets!  Experimenting with mystery basket combinations has helped my creativity in the kitchen and expanded my knowledge of different food ingredients!

Entree Basket:  Okra, Bugles, Tilapia, and Dried Cherries….30 minutes….GO!


The first thing to pop in to my head was to make sure that the tilapia got cooked to perfection! So I run and get some aluminum foil and to place the tilapia on and season it up. So next I add some veggies to my tilapia to give it more flavor and color. Then wrap it up in my foil pouch and bake it! Then I get started on my salad! I cut up kale and throw it in the bowl, still checking on my tilapia ever now and then, I cut carrots,onion, and bell peppers! Then I get the fish out and it is PERFECT!!! So I have to make my vinaigrette with the dried cherries and crumble my Bugles for a crouton and then I hear 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0!!! Time is up! I ended up with baked tilapia with veggies and a kale salad with a cherry vinaigrette and Bugle croutons! Sounds good to me!!! Let’s eat!


Be sure to watch for more Mystery Basket Mondays here on Jenna’s Kitchen.

Be sure to tune into Food Network August 29th at 7 pm central time to watch my Chopped Jr. episode!

Chopped Jr. Home Version

I'm overwhelmed by all the nice comments, t-shirt purchases and support I have received since my Chopped Jr announcement.

It's been a waiting game but is so worth it to be able to share all my experiences! On Monday's until air date I will be sharing my Mystery Basket Monday's!

After my interview, I created my Home Audition Video and I started practicing to sharpen my time management skills in the kitchen. My parents grocery store trips turned into a scavenger hunt to find the weird ingredients for my mystery basket creations! We made list of ingredients from past show to get an idea of patterns of how they put baskets together? We didn't solve the puzzle but got a lot of ideas for combinations and learned about new foods along the way! I had a lot of fun with my Chopped Jr Home Version. And most of the dishes were good or at least edible 😂!

Entrees were my favorite to practice! It was my mom's favorite too because she didn't have to cook supper!

I hope you enjoy my mystery basket creations and if you do your own version of mystery basket creation, I'd love to see them!

Be sure to tune in to Food Network for my episode of Chopped Jr. August 29 at 7pm central time!

4-H Talk Meet: Tips from My YouTube Journey

One of my favorite 4-H activities, is Talk Meet and Demonstrations!  This year for my speech I wrote about my YouTube Journey.

When you think of YouTube what do you think of? DIY's, tutorials, gamers, music, or cooking? That's me too! When you are little you always have that one thing that you really want to do right? Well mine was a YouTube channel ever since I saw a show on Food Network. The Rachel vs Guy kids cook off was my favorite because instead of the adults doing all the cooking the kids did everything!! My favorite contestant, Amber,  already had a YouTube channel before she was on the show! I thought how cool would it be if I had a YouTube channel? So I go ask mom and dad if I can have a YouTube channel and dad says, "We don't think you need to be on the internet at 8!" Mom goes more in depth saying," You just don't have enough food demo skills and camera experience." All that does is make me more determined to prove that I can do it! So I enter the 4-H junior food demonstration, and get a tv segment with Laura Rogers on WBKO! That's getting me some where with mom but dad still won't budge! So I do some research and find out about privacy settings and filters. Dad is starting to come around. The big snow storm of 2016 gets us stuck in the house for 4 days! I know now that this is my moment! I'm finally going to get the YouTube channel I have been wanting! I even have an idea for the fist video! My personal favorite recipe Eggless chocolate chip cookie dough! So here are some tips if you plan on starting a YouTube channel anytime soon!

Tip #1, have a catchy name! It's all in the name, but make sure you have checked all other social platforms before you decide. I didn't think we would be expanding Jenna's Kitchen to social media, but it turns out the name Jenna's Kitchen is very popular! Lesson learned!

Tip#2 have a nice neat schedule! When I first started I was posting videos all Willy Nilly all over the place, but all the professionals say that you need to have a schedule so your viewers know when to expect a video. It's like your favorite tv show you know it will come on Saturday night at 8.

Tip #3 have collab or collaboration videos with other youtubers or guests. My first collab was with my Best friend but I didn't know it was a collab at the time! I thought they were just with other youtubers! Turns out all you need for a collab video is a guest on your YouTube channel or you go on theirs and make a video.

Even though I'm still new to this whole YouTube thing I have learn a lot along the way. I have recently celebrated my first Youtubaversary! My YouTube channel has also helped me out quite a bit! It got me an audition for a show that found me via YouTube. My video skills also helped me win a heifer! This has been an amazing YouTube journey from making and editing videos, to making school projects on YouTube, to doing different demos, but having fun while I do it! So if your dream was ever a YouTube channel, Chase it!!

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