Cooking Meets Science

Uploaded today is my new YouTube video with Ms. Jones Science.  Science and cooking are two of my favorite things and I love how this video gives the viewers both.  At the state fair last year, I knew I wanted to learn to make funnel cakes and to experiment with different variations.  I found a funnel cake kit at a kitchen store and I knew it was meant to be.

About the same time, I had been watching Ms. Jones Science Channel and thought her experiments were pretty cool.  We got together and decided it would be cool to do a collaboration video where I would cook and she would explain the science behind it.  She offered the suggestion of deep fried foods!  Um, hello….perfect!  We decided on funnel cakes!  I’ve learned a lot about the science of frying foods and about sharing videos for a collaboration. (Mom and I had some technical issues!)  I am so excited to share the video with you and hope you learn as much as I did!  Check it out Funnel Cakes Meets Science!

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