4-H Talk Meet: Tips from My YouTube Journey

One of my favorite 4-H activities, is Talk Meet and Demonstrations!  This year for my speech I wrote about my YouTube Journey.

When you think of YouTube what do you think of? DIY's, tutorials, gamers, music, or cooking? That's me too! When you are little you always have that one thing that you really want to do right? Well mine was a YouTube channel ever since I saw a show on Food Network. The Rachel vs Guy kids cook off was my favorite because instead of the adults doing all the cooking the kids did everything!! My favorite contestant, Amber,  already had a YouTube channel before she was on the show! I thought how cool would it be if I had a YouTube channel? So I go ask mom and dad if I can have a YouTube channel and dad says, "We don't think you need to be on the internet at 8!" Mom goes more in depth saying," You just don't have enough food demo skills and camera experience." All that does is make me more determined to prove that I can do it! So I enter the 4-H junior food demonstration, and get a tv segment with Laura Rogers on WBKO! That's getting me some where with mom but dad still won't budge! So I do some research and find out about privacy settings and filters. Dad is starting to come around. The big snow storm of 2016 gets us stuck in the house for 4 days! I know now that this is my moment! I'm finally going to get the YouTube channel I have been wanting! I even have an idea for the fist video! My personal favorite recipe Eggless chocolate chip cookie dough! So here are some tips if you plan on starting a YouTube channel anytime soon!

Tip #1, have a catchy name! It's all in the name, but make sure you have checked all other social platforms before you decide. I didn't think we would be expanding Jenna's Kitchen to social media, but it turns out the name Jenna's Kitchen is very popular! Lesson learned!

Tip#2 have a nice neat schedule! When I first started I was posting videos all Willy Nilly all over the place, but all the professionals say that you need to have a schedule so your viewers know when to expect a video. It's like your favorite tv show you know it will come on Saturday night at 8.

Tip #3 have collab or collaboration videos with other youtubers or guests. My first collab was with my Best friend but I didn't know it was a collab at the time! I thought they were just with other youtubers! Turns out all you need for a collab video is a guest on your YouTube channel or you go on theirs and make a video.

Even though I'm still new to this whole YouTube thing I have learn a lot along the way. I have recently celebrated my first Youtubaversary! My YouTube channel has also helped me out quite a bit! It got me an audition for a show that found me via YouTube. My video skills also helped me win a heifer! This has been an amazing YouTube journey from making and editing videos, to making school projects on YouTube, to doing different demos, but having fun while I do it! So if your dream was ever a YouTube channel, Chase it!!

New Braces=New menu: Top 20 Things to Eat with Braces

I have known for a while that I would have to have braces and I was okay with that.  Until I read all the things I could not eat.  You can hardly eat anything! Or at least my favorites:  Cheetos, Doritos, Raw Vegetables, Oreos, Ribs, Corn on the Cob or Nuts…..AARGH!   It has certainly has changed our family’s menu! So since both my brother and I have braces, we have come up with the top 20 things that are within the braces rules that are good!!

  1. Smoothie- You can mix it up every day with your favorite fruits, veggies, yogurt, and protein powder! Great way to get nutrition for the day!  Mango smoothie has been my favorite so far.  Click here for the video Mango Smoothie
  2. Tuna- Tuna is very versatile, you can customize it to your own personal liking with endless flavor combinations! We like to go for Asian themed! Here a video tutorial on Tuna Sliders.Tuna Sliders
  3. Chicken Salad- Same goes for chicken salad, put your favorite flavors into it. We put chicken, grapes, mayo, sour cream, hot mustard, salt, and pepper!
  4. Stir-fry- An assortment of vegetables sautéed in butter until they are soft.
  5. Fro-yo- Bought or homemade it is smooth. Even with out the toppings it still tastes good!
  6. Corn Bread- Put in cheese, jalapenos, bacon, or anything you want to. You can make it different ever time!
  7. Muffins- Easy to eat, soft, and delicious! You can mix it up every time.
  8. Doughnuts-Bought or Homemade with glaze they melt in your mouth! Whether you change the flavor or the glaze they are always good!
  9. Squeezeable fruit pouches-These are a great snack for on the go, or just to eat!
  10. Tacos- The classic taco Tuesday shall be recurring a lot now! Filled with delicious filling, the taco is hard to beat.  Just have to eat with soft shells or no shell at all!
  11. Cucumber Kimchi- Not a typical side, but boy is it good! You can adjust the heat to how you like it!
  12. Pizza- A dish loved by all(that I know of) the pizza can be switched up every time!​ 

  13. Pancakes- A breakfast favorite that we love! You can customize it to your own personal liking! Fruits to chocolate chips!
  14. Fish- A delicious entrée that can be cooked many different ways! All you have to change is the way you cook it!
  15. Eggs and Bacon- Last but not least, by far my favorite breakfast! You can never go wrong with the classics!
  16. Soups-My brother doesn’t like soup but there are so many good options that fall under this category!
  17. Spaghetti or Ravioli-A go to favorite for most kids!
  18. Shrimp scampi- Noodles, butter and shrimp, YUM! Especially if paired with soft garlic bread.IMG_0829
  19. Meatballs-One of my family favorites that can be customized with your favorite sauces!  Full of good nutrition and flavor!IMG_1205
  20. Sushi-Now I know this isn’t always a kid favorite, but I think it can be!  Ever since I learned to make my own, my little brother and dad have become fans.  Well dad eats it…fan might be a little much, but I’m working on that!IMG_0188


Let me know in the comments below what your favorite menu items are/were with braces!

Blueberry Time

If you follow my Facebook page you know that my brother is a huge fan of blueberries and I must say that I love them too!  So when I saw that the SOKY Marketplace was hosting a Blueberry Festival that included a baking competition, I was so in!  The only problem was trying to decide which blueberry recipe to do!  I have a good coffee cake, blueberry zucchini bread, classic blueberry muffins and my new blueberry doughnut!  Tough decision, right?  I finally decided to go with a classic my Blueberry Crumb Muffin!  But I needed some fresh blueberries.  My friend Mariah and I went to Berrylicious Orchard and she helped me pick enough berries for my recipe and we brought home 2 gallons of berries for future creations (and remember my brother)! Lol!

Here’s the finished product!


I am excited to say I won the Kids division of the SOKY Marketplace Blueberry Festival Baking Competition!  All entries looked awesome!

Thank you to Independence Bank for sponsoring the competition, the farmers market for hosting, Berrylicious for the delicious blueberries, Mariah for helping me pick, and my mom for capturing the muffins in the photo above!  This recipe is definitely going in my future cookbook, but I’ll share with you now!

Blueberry Crumb Muffins 

Did I mention Berrylicious has homemade popsicles too!😋  Mariah’s mom and I got the CocoLoco (yummy), Mariah got the Blueberry Lemonade and my mom got her favorite, the Strawberry Basil!  I should have brought some of them home too!

Chocolate Chip Cookie 🍪💞💗

I have a big sweet tooth. My favorite dessert revolves around cookie dough… anything! On my channel I have made a lot of chocolate chip cookie dough recipes, such as cookie dough fudge, eggless chocolate chip cookie dough, but what I haven’t made a classic… chocolate chip cookies! We are going to fix that today by making good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies! I often take these to gatherings and parties and they are a big hit!  Every time my little Aunt from South Korea comes to visit it’s one of the first things she asks for my Chocolate Chip Cookies and a Hamburger!

Below are the links to my chocolate chip cookies dessert playlist!  ENJOY and let me know how you like them!

Chocolate Chip Playlist

Here is the recipe:


Summer Break

Although I really enjoy school, I’m glad summer break has arrived!  I spend the days at my grandparents farm and have the best time there.  My grandpa is a BBQ genius and I hope to learn some of his tricks this summer.  My grandma is a great cook and can whip up our favorites in a matter of no time.  She shows her love through food and she loves us a lot!

It’s also a time where on our farm we have a ton of fresh vegetables coming in and cooking with those fresh ingredients is a ton of fun!  I have saved recipes all year in anticipation of the garden bounty.  What is your favorite fresh garden vegetable?

Meet Milky Way

Last year, I entered the KY Cattlemen’s Association’s Heifer Initiative contest.  I had to submit a video about ” What winning a heifer would mean to me.”  The hardest part was pairing it down to 3 minutes!  I found out in December, I won!  I attended my first KCA convention in January to accept my award!

I knew I wanted a black heifer with a white face!  I was kinda hoping she would be bred and would calve in the fall with my other cows.  My parents told me it might be hard to find all that in one heifer, but I was hoping for the best!  I went to a sale but they all brought more than I wanted to pay. My mom knew a farmer who might have one! So everyone I want to introduce you to Milky Way!!  Thank you Mr. Tim Richards for The perfect heifer!  Thank you Kristin Hildabrand for the name idea!

This is her massive father!!!

She has settled in nicely with her other friends!!  I’ll keep you updated about the herd!

Cooking Meets Science

Uploaded today is my new YouTube video with Ms. Jones Science.  Science and cooking are two of my favorite things and I love how this video gives the viewers both.  At the state fair last year, I knew I wanted to learn to make funnel cakes and to experiment with different variations.  I found a funnel cake kit at a kitchen store and I knew it was meant to be.

About the same time, I had been watching Ms. Jones Science Channel and thought her experiments were pretty cool.  We got together and decided it would be cool to do a collaboration video where I would cook and she would explain the science behind it.  She offered the suggestion of deep fried foods!  Um, hello….perfect!  We decided on funnel cakes!  I’ve learned a lot about the science of frying foods and about sharing videos for a collaboration. (Mom and I had some technical issues!)  I am so excited to share the video with you and hope you learn as much as I did!  Check it out Funnel Cakes Meets Science!

YouTube Anniversary:  Year in Review

A year ago, it was a snowy day and I finally convinced my parents to let me start a YouTube Channel.  Ever since I watched Guy and Rachel’s Kids Cookoff, I knew I wanted to pursue a cooking show.  Amber a contestant on the show had a Channel and I thought that was a great idea!  My dad has some reservations about me being on the internet so young but mom and I finally talked him into letting me try.

Jan 25, 2016 after several days of being stuck in the house due to snow, we had some time to tape and edit my first video!  I knew it had to be my go to “Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” recipe.

My YouTube Channel has led to many cool opportunities this past year!  I’ve been able to share many of my favorite recipes and have heard feedback from many that have tried them!  I was invited to do live cooking demonstrations.  One in the gourmet garden at the KY State Fair with the KY Beef Council and at Gypsymoon Marketplace’s Barn Sale.  They were super fun and I realized I liked a live audience!

Miss Laura Rogers invited me to do Midday Live on WBKO-13 several times this year and it is always so much fun!

Just recently, I won a heifer through a video entry contest.  I’m sure my experience with my channel helped me win!

The coolest thing was a TV Show saw my meatloaf video and called my mom and asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the show!  Uh, YES!  I can’t wait to share more about all that at a later date!

My goal was to have 500 subscribers in my 1st year but then I realized how hard it was to grow a channel and lowered it to 200!  Thanks to Laura Rogers, I was able to achieve it!  This year I’m more organized with my topics and social media and hope to double my subscribers on YouTube and increase my Facebook reach.  If you haven’t subscribed, please go to my channel, check it out and if you like the videos, please subscribe.  It’s free and it will help me out a bunch!

Thank you to everyone that has supported me!  Thanks to my brother who is my taste tester and who even makes guest appearances in my videos.  A big thank you to my mom and dad who helps with the technical stuff and who sponsors all my food and demo materials.

As a thank you to all my supporters I have two giveaways!  Make sure to checkout my Facebook and YouTube Giveaways that will be posted Jan 25.  Make sure to enter before Jan 31st!

It’s been a great year and I look forward to 2017!

National Glazed Doughnut Day

I love a glazed doughnut.  Well actually there are many doughnuts that I like, but today if the day of the glazed doughnut.  This year at the State Fair, I enjoyed my first Doughnut Burger and man was it GOOD.  I knew I needed to make these.

I visited the local Krispy Kreme and they were out of the regular glazed doughnut because of a free promotion that day, I would have to wait 20 minutes for the next batch to come out.  Sad face.  But when I told the guy what I was going to do with them, he had a suggestion!  He said that he could give me a dozen of the unfilled shells (like a jelly filled but no jelly)!  Yes!  Insert happy face!

Actually these shells worked better because it was more like a true hamburger bun!  The combo of sweet and salty makes this burger a true treat!

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