New Braces=New menu: Top 20 Things to Eat with Braces

I have known for a while that I would have to have braces and I was okay with that.  Until I read all the things I could not eat.  You can hardly eat anything! Or at least my favorites:  Cheetos, Doritos, Raw Vegetables, Oreos, Ribs, Corn on the Cob or Nuts…..AARGH!   It has certainly has changed our family’s menu! So since both my brother and I have braces, we have come up with the top 20 things that are within the braces rules that are good!!

  1. Smoothie- You can mix it up every day with your favorite fruits, veggies, yogurt, and protein powder! Great way to get nutrition for the day!  Mango smoothie has been my favorite so far.  Click here for the video Mango Smoothie
  2. Tuna- Tuna is very versatile, you can customize it to your own personal liking with endless flavor combinations! We like to go for Asian themed! Here a video tutorial on Tuna Sliders.Tuna Sliders
  3. Chicken Salad- Same goes for chicken salad, put your favorite flavors into it. We put chicken, grapes, mayo, sour cream, hot mustard, salt, and pepper!
  4. Stir-fry- An assortment of vegetables sautéed in butter until they are soft.
  5. Fro-yo- Bought or homemade it is smooth. Even with out the toppings it still tastes good!
  6. Corn Bread- Put in cheese, jalapenos, bacon, or anything you want to. You can make it different ever time!
  7. Muffins- Easy to eat, soft, and delicious! You can mix it up every time.
  8. Doughnuts-Bought or Homemade with glaze they melt in your mouth! Whether you change the flavor or the glaze they are always good!
  9. Squeezeable fruit pouches-These are a great snack for on the go, or just to eat!
  10. Tacos- The classic taco Tuesday shall be recurring a lot now! Filled with delicious filling, the taco is hard to beat.  Just have to eat with soft shells or no shell at all!
  11. Cucumber Kimchi- Not a typical side, but boy is it good! You can adjust the heat to how you like it!
  12. Pizza- A dish loved by all(that I know of) the pizza can be switched up every time!​ 

  13. Pancakes- A breakfast favorite that we love! You can customize it to your own personal liking! Fruits to chocolate chips!
  14. Fish- A delicious entrée that can be cooked many different ways! All you have to change is the way you cook it!
  15. Eggs and Bacon- Last but not least, by far my favorite breakfast! You can never go wrong with the classics!
  16. Soups-My brother doesn’t like soup but there are so many good options that fall under this category!
  17. Spaghetti or Ravioli-A go to favorite for most kids!
  18. Shrimp scampi- Noodles, butter and shrimp, YUM! Especially if paired with soft garlic bread.IMG_0829
  19. Meatballs-One of my family favorites that can be customized with your favorite sauces!  Full of good nutrition and flavor!IMG_1205
  20. Sushi-Now I know this isn’t always a kid favorite, but I think it can be!  Ever since I learned to make my own, my little brother and dad have become fans.  Well dad eats it…fan might be a little much, but I’m working on that!IMG_0188


Let me know in the comments below what your favorite menu items are/were with braces!

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