Chopped Jr. Home Version

I'm overwhelmed by all the nice comments, t-shirt purchases and support I have received since my Chopped Jr announcement.

It's been a waiting game but is so worth it to be able to share all my experiences! On Monday's until air date I will be sharing my Mystery Basket Monday's!

After my interview, I created my Home Audition Video and I started practicing to sharpen my time management skills in the kitchen. My parents grocery store trips turned into a scavenger hunt to find the weird ingredients for my mystery basket creations! We made list of ingredients from past show to get an idea of patterns of how they put baskets together? We didn't solve the puzzle but got a lot of ideas for combinations and learned about new foods along the way! I had a lot of fun with my Chopped Jr Home Version. And most of the dishes were good or at least edible 😂!

Entrees were my favorite to practice! It was my mom's favorite too because she didn't have to cook supper!

I hope you enjoy my mystery basket creations and if you do your own version of mystery basket creation, I'd love to see them!

Be sure to tune in to Food Network for my episode of Chopped Jr. August 29 at 7pm central time!

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