Meet Milky Way

Last year, I entered the KY Cattlemen’s Association’s Heifer Initiative contest.  I had to submit a video about ” What winning a heifer would mean to me.”  The hardest part was pairing it down to 3 minutes!  I found out in December, I won!  I attended my first KCA convention in January to accept my award!

I knew I wanted a black heifer with a white face!  I was kinda hoping she would be bred and would calve in the fall with my other cows.  My parents told me it might be hard to find all that in one heifer, but I was hoping for the best!  I went to a sale but they all brought more than I wanted to pay. My mom knew a farmer who might have one! So everyone I want to introduce you to Milky Way!!  Thank you Mr. Tim Richards for The perfect heifer!  Thank you Kristin Hildabrand for the name idea!

This is her massive father!!!

She has settled in nicely with her other friends!!  I’ll keep you updated about the herd!

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