Fall Break 2017

It’s been a great first week of fall break!  We started the week off in Legoland.  It was a trip that my brother really wanted to go to, but I was excited to see what is was all about too!  The rides were fun and all the Lego models were cool.

My top 10 of the trip were

Me and Lego Albert
  1.  Spending time with family
  2. Trading mini figures
  3. Coastersaurus
  4. Project X
  5. Ninjago
  6. China
  7. The Lost Kingdom Adventure
  8. Flying School
  9. Driving School
  10. The Dragon

My mom put together a highlight video here.

The rest of the week has been filled with family game day, movie night, fishing, bonfires and s’mores and of course some cooking!  I wanted to share these simple apple treats, so good and so easy to make with kids!

Apple Pie Desserts

Also Uncle Ben’s Rice has a great contest that encourages kids to cook with their parents.  It’s been fun trying all the different flavors, but my favorite has to be this Shrimp Scampi with Paremesan Butter Rice!  It sounds fancy but it’s super simple!

Shrimp Scampi

I cannot wait for the 2nd week of fall break!  It’s grandparent time with a visit with Laura Rogers on Midday Live on Friday!  If you make either of these recipes let me know by posting a photo or a comment on how you liked it!




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