A blog, YAY!

2016 has been a great year!  Glory be to God.  I finally talked my parents into letting me start a my YouTube Channel, Jenna’s Kitchen.  I have had so much fun doing the videos and cooking some of my favorites and adding new ones throughout the year.  I have had many great opportunities to do live demonstrations which have been fun and a way for me to learn about interacting with a crowd.  But I’m really excited about a blog!  My mom has one for the farm that I loved to help her with.  I took a class during Leadership Academy about blogging and even though I do not love to write composition, little short blogging stories with photos seem fun to me.  Mom has taken a break from the farm blog to help with Jenna’s kitchen stuff so maybe we can blog together or she can help me! lol.

So I invite you to come along on my journey around food, the farm and life of a middle schooler!šŸ˜€

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